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About Us

Kipreos Rent Cars and Bikes, the solution for car rental in Kalymnos island. With offices at the Kalymnos port, near the Saint Nicolas church, at the airport, and at the uptown of Anastasi. We are behind you for all your needs, car or motorbike rentals, car and motorbike service, gas station and car wash services. Just call us at our office phone numbers:

Port Office

(+30) 22430 24300

Anastasi Office

(+30) 22430 51470

Airport Office

(+30) 6937 980591WhatsApp
(+30) 6987 950666

Service Station

(+30) 22430 29104

General Info


At least 21 years old.


The driver must have held a valid license for at least 12 months.


Rental rates include the following coverages: R) Death and body injuries of people not using the company's car. 8) Material damages inflicted on property which is not stored in or upon the company s car.


One day.


On condition that the driving code has not been violated the renter's responsibility can be reduced.


Total value of the car against the theft subject to an additional charge for all vehicles.


On condition that the driving code has not been violated renter's self risk can be reduced to zero (0) euro by paying an additional charge.


Are not covered by the insurance.


Is allowed only in authorized parking zones.


Renter is responsible for the gasoline consumed during the rental. The car must be full when it is returned.


Luggage rack and baby seat con be supplied at an extra charge per day.


Tickets and subsequent administrative sanctions resulting from traffic violations during the rental period are at the renter's responsibility expenses.
The insurance becomes invalid if a car or vehicles leaves the asphalt - covered surface. The renter must understand that the underneath of the car is not covered by the insurance.

Bus Rental

More and more travelers choose to take a tour by renting buses as an ideal means of transport for their trips.
We provide new buses with professional drivers.
Apart form our tours we also rent buses for unions, schools, weddings or any other group or occasions.
We are known four our professional attitude best service and prices too.
We are always at your disposal.


Yes. The driver, must have a valid driving license.

Yes the price includes the 16 % V.A.T.

No. The full insurance DOES NOT cover damages on the car or the bike if it has been driven off road.

We will contact you via E-mail as soon as possible to confirm your request. Usually it takes 1 to 2 working days.

At least 2 days before. But for your best service we recommend the sooner the better.

No, credit card details are not needed.

Yes, you can pay by credit card on the delivery of the vehicle. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards.

Yes you can pay in Euro.

All drivers must be named on the contract. There is not extra charge for that.

We want the car/bike on time so we can clean it and prepare it for the next customer. So, in case of a delay, it is better to contact us and we will make an agreement. Otherwise, you will be charged extra, depending on the situation.

Of course. You will find our office in the port of Kalymnos, in the main square, in the Anastasi area and in the airport of Kalymnos.
You can call us at (+30) 22430 24300, (+30) 6937 980591WhatsApp, and (+30) 6987 950666 

Full contact details are on your rental documentation. You can e-mail us also.

In the event of a traffic accident please notify Kipreos Rent a car as soon as possible, on our emergency phone No: (+30) 6937 980591WhatsApp. Contact the Greek Police (ELAS) on 100 and ensure that the police (ELAS) are called, so that they can report the accident. Do not admit liability at any stage.

Contact us

Suzuki Kalymnos Rent a Car and Bike

Feel free to contact us for any questions or information.

Agios Nikolaos (Port Office):

(+30) 22430 24300

Anastasi Office:

(+30) 22430 51470

Airport Kalymnos:

(+30) 6937 980591WhatsApp
(+30) 6987 950666

Service Station:

 (+30) 22430 29104

onoufr1 @ otenet . gr